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for licensed professionals in the medical and behavioral sciences

Richly Illustrated

(1) Science in the Behavioral Sciences:
An Introduction to Psychodiagnostic Chirology (PDC) in Applied Psychoanalysis

to download an absolutely free 44 page double-barreled paper that:

(1) devastates modern day academic studies in the behavioral sciences
and demolishes most cognitive-behavioral therapies:

- includes the Guardian's expose of how Cognitive-Behaviorist academics
shamelessly manipulate the data of their laboratory work.

(2) introduces PDC constructions in personality - neurotic attitudes and behaviors
- all richly illustrated - that raises psychoanalytic intervention to the level of a genuine science.

(3) underlines the historic contributions of those "greats" - contributions that neither time
nor manner of perception had diminished.

(2) למתמחים במדעי ההתנהגות  Hebrew   הכתבה בעברית

It's all here. It's a read you won't soon forget (and neither will your professors).

If 44 pages is too much (or too expensive) to print out, put 10 US dollars (or the equivalent in your currency - but no coins) in an envelope
(no profit here, merely to cover postage, printing and the cost of a padded A4 envelope) and address it to:
The Holtzman PDC Institute, POB 138, Yehud 56275, Israel.
We'll send you a printed copy (with receipt). Be sure to include your address (this, from experience).

(3) From the peer-reviewed journal Psychiatry Research download:
This is a recognized world 1st in psychiatric diagnosis. For trained medical people preferably.

(4) 2nd PDC paper from Psychiatry Research download:
The complete paper may be accessed through the Psychiatry Research website: www.elsevier.com/locate/psychres

PDC International
Professional Instruction

Professional instruction in PDC/BDP (Biometric Definitions of Personality) may be given by invitation in most
countries. We offer a total submersion 7 day 40 hour course - in English - to groups of between 6 to 14 pupils.
* Paticipants must have an academic background in the behaviorial, medical or social sciences.
The cost would vary depending on distance and accommodations, but a very general estimate would come to
about US$15,000.oo. This should cover airfare, textbooks, reasonable hotel accommodation, and cost of instruction.

For more information please e-mail us.